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Meaning of area group page. What is it: component, a short description and a hyperlink with which.


Definition area group page

Title: area group page (CA-GTF-TS-XSS) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Generic Components for Self-Service Roles (CA-GTF-TS-XSS)

Portal page that comprises, for each business area of a component, a short description and a hyperlink with which the relevant area page can be called.

The area group page includes:

A symbol for each area A hyperlink for each area that calls the appropriate area page A short description of the area Optional quick links

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Manual Article Class:
Help articles in the Classification System. Groups can be created on various levels of detail, for example, by customer, customer group, sales area or country. They can refer to individual articles or area group page.
Manual Aggregation ID:
Help Identifies an aggregation rule. The aggregation ID can be assigned to a selection ID (within a selection group) in order to assign an aggregation process or a preliminary aggregation process area group page.
Manual Audit Record:
Help information saved to the audit log. The audit record contains the following information: Audit event SAP user ID and client, if known Terminal name Transaction code Report name Time and date when the area group page.
Manual Account Pool:
Help specialization in the Account Management (FS AM) system that groups together account contracts in a hierarchy or group for cash concentration or interest compensation. The structure is depicted using area group page.
Manual Alert Server:
Help Central SAP system in which the definition, administration, and delivery of alerts take place area group page.
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