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Meaning of beginning cumulative quantity. What is it: A cumulative quantity transferred from a.


Definition beginning cumulative quantity

Title: beginning cumulative quantity (SD) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Sales and Distribution (SD)

A cumulative quantity transferred from a legacy system to the SAP System.

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Manual Bid Display Criteria:
Help occur during the lifecycle of an opportunity. Bid display criteria affect how an opportunity is displayed to the respondent. When creating a rule profile, the DA/DB administrator defines the beginning cumulative quantity.
Manual Business Partner (SBO):
Help or a lead (interested party) with whom your company has business relations. Business partner information includes contact persons, addresses, payment terms, financial, and logistics information beginning cumulative quantity.
Manual Beta Factor:
Help A smoothing factor for the trend value beginning cumulative quantity.
Manual Book:
Help A series of prenumbered forms that you create by dividing up a lot beginning cumulative quantity.
Manual Base Year:
Help The fiscal year in which data was first created for LIFO/FIFO valuation beginning cumulative quantity.
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