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Meaning of certified sales. What is it: or the actual sales revenue as reported in the year-end.


Definition certified sales

CERTIFIED SALES title: certified sales (RE) (SAP Library - Glossary)
CERTIFIED SALES category: Real Estate Management (RE)

Sales-based rent settlement

Sales certified by an auditor, or the actual sales revenue as reported in the year-end closing (as opposed to planned sales).

Certified sales are usually reported annually.

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Manual Compensation Base Salary:
Help Base salary is the actual annual amount paid for work performed. It does not include bonus payments of any kind or any kind or any differentials paid certified sales definition.
Manual Configuration Manager (BC-JAS):
Help module, which enables J2EE Engine to connect to relational databases (RDBMS) and other J2EE Engine modules to store and access data from the RDBMS. This module uses the Open SQL for Java framework to certified sales explain.
Manual Contract Catalog:
Help A catalog in SAP Catalog Authoring Tool containing items that are created according to contract information provided by SRM Server certified sales what is.
Manual Certified Expenditure:
Help expenditure documents assigned to a particular financing source and time slice, representing the line items that are actually certified during a certification run. After manual processing of the list certified sales meaning.
Manual Cumulative Claim:
Help A claim due to a certain incident (catastrophe, for example) to which several contracts of one or several policyholders can be assigned certified sales abbreviation.
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