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Meaning of certified sales. What is it: or the actual sales revenue as reported in the year-end.


Definition certified sales

CERTIFIED SALES title: certified sales (RE) (SAP Library - Glossary)
CERTIFIED SALES category: Real Estate Management (RE)

Sales-based rent settlement

Sales certified by an auditor, or the actual sales revenue as reported in the year-end closing (as opposed to planned sales).

Certified sales are usually reported annually.

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Manual Cost Object Category:
Help specifies how a particular cost object ID is used. Example In the Product Cost by Period component, the cost object category can indicate that the cost object ID is being used as a cost object node certified sales definition.
Manual Contract Lock:
Help one application, which has not been released or refused, from existing for a Contract business object. The Inquiry business process can ignore this lock, as no persistent new contract status is certified sales explain.
Manual Coordinate:
Help A storage bin in a shelf storage area. Its name is determined based on the structure of the warehouse concerned. This provides a three-dimensional setup for the bin coordinate certified sales what is.
Manual Contact Employee:
Help refer an application to the company or employees who are referred to in an application. The contact can be of an administrative, for example, contact mentioned in job advertisement, or personal certified sales meaning.
Manual Check Activity:
Help Represents one step in a maintenance task. For example, three check activities in a maintenance task may be 'Disassemble', 'Maintain' and 'Assemble' certified sales abbreviation.
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