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Meaning of column characteristic. What is it: Characteristic that specifies the values to display.


Definition column characteristic

COLUMN CHARACTERISTIC title: column characteristic (PP-PI) (SAP Library - Glossary)
COLUMN CHARACTERISTIC category: Production Planning for Process Industries (PP-PI)

Characteristic that specifies the values to display in a column in the XXL list viewer.

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Manual Compliance:
Help legal conditions and regulations for drugs. Various government authorities regulate the following aspects of drugs in the different regions (such as the US or EU): Development Manufacture Sale column characteristic definition.
Manual Credit Procedure:
Help transferring coinsurance shares, in which the coinsurance shares are only transferred from the leading company to the coinsurers, or are collected from the coinsurers, after the coinsurance-relevant column characteristic explain.
Manual Confirmation Against Scheduling Agreement:
Help the supplier to the customer stating which quantities from scheduling agreement (SA) releases the former anticipates being able to deliver. This confirmation provides the customer with more up-to column characteristic what is.
Manual Consensus Finding:
Help which several business partners try to find an agreement about data, such as forecast data. Once the result is within threshold values for all sides, the consensus is found. There are two services column characteristic meaning.
Manual CENVAT Reversal:
Help accounting posting whereby excise duty that you have already posted to the duty account is transferred to an expense account instead as a result of your not being able to comply with the conditions column characteristic abbreviation.
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