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Meaning of command list. What is it: system entered in the command field across all sessions. You.


Definition command list

Title: command list (BC-FES-GUI) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Graphical User Interface (BC-FES-GUI)

A record containing the last twenty commands to the SAP system entered in the command field across all sessions.

You can display the command list by selecting the "Possible Entries" option on the right of the command field, and then select one of the commands from the list.

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Manual Cash Control (IS-R):
Help Application in SAP Retail Store. Cash control is used for entering different business transactions that involve the cash stock in a store. It is also used for comparing the cash stock data that has command list.
Manual Customer Management:
Help Management of marketplace customers command list.
Manual Company Code Group (PSM-FM):
Help Groups together several company codes under an identification command list.
Manual Carrier Processing (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD):
Help Report type that controls the creation of carrier data collation reports. In a carrier data collation report, the system posts the data that was generated upon delivery of the material command list.
Manual Compensation (PY):
Help Compensation is paid in lieu of leave which an employee has not used command list.
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