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Meaning of compatible unit type. What is it: of compatible unit types are pole, cross arm, and.


Definition compatible unit type

Title: compatible unit type (PM) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Plant Maintenance (PM)

Specifies the kind of compatible unit to be used. Examples of compatible unit types are pole, cross arm, and transformer.

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Manual Channel Assignment:
Help The portal administration interface for associating user roles with channels compatible unit type.
Manual Certification Manager:
Help manager is responsible for maintaining project-related data (budget, timelines, links to financing sources, project progress) using information from the central planning team. He or she also checks compatible unit type.
Manual Configuration Folder:
Help collects all objects that describe a product or project in a specific life-cycle phase. At a specific time, the configuration folder contains the objects that define the product at that particular compatible unit type.
Manual CATS Notebook:
Help interface for the Cross-Application Time Sheet (SAP CATS) that runs on a notebook in the Web browser. CATS notebook enables you to record and change working times and tasks without a connection to compatible unit type.
Manual Cumulative Released Quantity (SD):
Help The sum of the cumulative quantity received by the customer, and the schedule line quantities up to the relevant deadline compatible unit type.
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