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Meaning of correspondence package. What is it: Summary of multiple documents that are created in.


Definition correspondence package

CORRESPONDENCE PACKAGE title: correspondence package (FS-PM) (SAP Library - Glossary)
CORRESPONDENCE PACKAGE category: Policy Management (FS-PM)

Summary of multiple documents that are created in processing, in one single document.

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Manual Cost Accounting Split:
Help wage type in table RT (Results Table) to information on wage types for which the payroll runs using a cost center that is not the employee's usual cost center. Example You pay your employee a correspondence package definition.
Manual Country Exposure:
Help Volumen-oriented attributable amount of a transaction. This is calculated using the methods for country risk correspondence package explain.
Manual Commission Package:
Help package is a container for objects that belong together effectively or technically. Unlike the normal SAP packages (previously called development classes), the commission package can contain correspondence package what is.
Manual Change State:
Help status of an object such as a BOM item. A change state is generated when an object is created or changed with reference to a change master record for the first time. The validity criteria are defined correspondence package meaning.
Manual Component Monitoring:
Help monitoring of the status of the different components in a landscape. With this, error situations in a system are identified, and a detailed error analysis can be performed. In contrast to this, the correspondence package abbreviation.
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