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Meaning of discount factor (FS-BA-SD). What is it: multiplied in order to obtain its present value.


Definition discount factor (FS-BA-SD)

DISCOUNT FACTOR (FS-BA-SD) title: discount factor (FS-BA-SD) (SAP Library - Glossary)
DISCOUNT FACTOR (FS-BA-SD) category: Source Data (FS-BA-SD)

This is the factor by which a future cash flow is multiplied in order to obtain its present value. The discount factor used will depend on the amount of time between the current date and the future payment date.

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Manual Data Flow Management:
Help function of the correction server for logging the data flow in Bank Analyzer. Data is written to data flow management from the components, for example, by Reading business partner data, object data discount factor (fs-ba-sd) definition.
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Help A tax assessed by the authorities on the manufacture, sale, or use of a commodity in the home country of a business, for example, an excise tax discount factor (fs-ba-sd) explain.
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Help concerns a receipt element or a requirements element for a product. For example, the availability date of the receipt element is delayed (date alert), or the quantity of the receipt elements that discount factor (fs-ba-sd) meaning.
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Help Term used in Interchangeability. It consists of the two products in a discontinuation step, the predecessor product and the sucessor product discount factor (fs-ba-sd) abbreviation.
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