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Meaning of expiry. What is it: Awards are said to have expired when an employee fails to exercise.


Definition expiry

EXPIRY title: expiry (PA-EC) (SAP Library - Glossary)
EXPIRY category: Enterprise Compensation Management (PA-EC)
EXPIRY explained:

Awards are said to have expired when an employee fails to exercise them before the expiration date.

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Manual Extended Retention Of Title:
Help retention of title according to which the supplier authorizes the buyer to sell the goods in the supplier's own name, with an agreement on the advance assignment of the receivable resulting expiry definition.
Manual Elementary Search Help:
Help A function that provides the user with only one search path expiry explain.
Manual Exit (BC-FES-GUI):
Help A standard R/3 function used to leave the current task or application area. If data may be lost, the SAP System prompts you to save your work expiry what is.
Manual Engineer (SRM-SUP):
Help design engineers within the supplier organization. The engineer collaborates with the design team from the purchasing organization to develop new or improved product designs. The engineer can display expiry meaning.
Manual Empties Stock:
Help Quantity-based and/or value-based record for an empties article. Empties stocks are recorded in tables and can also be displayed as a stock overview in a list expiry abbreviation.
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