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Meaning of fee recipient. What is it: Natural person who can receive fees for services definition.


Definition fee recipient

FEE RECIPIENT title: fee recipient (IS-H) (SAP Library - Glossary)
FEE RECIPIENT category: SAP Healthcare - Industry-Specific Components for Hospitals (IS-H)
FEE RECIPIENT explained:

Natural person who can receive fees for services.

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Manual Funding Account:
Help which an amount can be transferred to a funded account in overdraft protection. The assignment of funding accounts to a funded account can be made after the contract relationships have been specified fee recipient definition.
Manual Factor Column:
Help That part of a price list definition that allows users to specify the proportion of the prices of a new price list to those of the base price list fee recipient explain.
Manual Finite Scheduling (SCM-APO-PPS):
Help A detailed scheduling strategy with which you schedule orders and operations, taking into account the existing resource load. A resource overload cannot occur fee recipient what is.
Manual Form Field (BC-MID-ICF):
Help HTML form fields (name/value pair) that are sent with the request. You use method SET_FORM_FIELD in class CL_HTTP_ENTITY to access the form fields fee recipient meaning.
Manual FEBRABAN Company Number:
Help number assigned to a company by FEBRABAN, a Brazilian association of banks that use the same bank formats. FEBRABAN assigns a number to each company that establishes a payment agreement (in fee recipient abbreviation.
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