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Meaning of fiscal year information. What is it: account as well as business key figures regarding.


Definition fiscal year information

FISCAL YEAR INFORMATION title: fiscal year information (FS-BP) (SAP Library - Glossary)
FISCAL YEAR INFORMATION category: Business Partner (FS-BP)

Figures from the balance sheet and the profit and loss account as well as business key figures regarding the credit standing of a company that can be stored in the business partner for each fiscal year.

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Manual Fixtures And Fittings Category:
Help amenities and components of a rental object for the representative list of rents In representative lists of rents, specific values (reductions and surcharges) that play a role in the calculation of fiscal year information definition.
Manual Financial Document:
Help A document used in documentary payments for Foreign Trade fiscal year information explain.
Manual Firm/Trade-Off Zone:
Help delivery schedule defined in a scheduling agreement consisting of two sub-zones that determine the degree to which individual lines of the schedule represent binding orders, or commitments to fiscal year information what is.
Manual Faculty:
Help Organizational unit of a university that provides education in one or more academic subjects fiscal year information meaning.
Manual First/Second Levels Of Navigation:
Help The two horizontal bands below the header area at the top of the screen. The first/second levels of navigation can fill the entire width of the screen to allow maximum space for menu entries fiscal year information abbreviation.
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