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Meaning of initial access (IS-U-DM). What is it: sampling procedure. Start access consists of a.


Definition initial access (IS-U-DM)

Title: initial access (IS-U-DM) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Device Management (IS-U-DM)

Initial access to the random number table during the sampling procedure.

Start access consists of a starting line and several starting columns.

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Manual Investment Type:
Help An object that specifies the reason for and the purpose of the capital investment. It helps to classify and prioritize capital investment measures initial access (is-u-dm).
Manual Interim Status:
Help in the process Changing an Equipment History . When the actual history is replaced by the target history, the system automatically creates an interim status. When it creates an interim status, the initial access (is-u-dm).
Manual Independent Characteristic (SCM-APO-FCS):
Help characteristics are independent if they are contained in two different CBF tables. This means that the permissible values are not interdependent. Two characteristics are implicitly dependent if they initial access (is-u-dm).
Manual Issue List:
Help A checklist that contains unplanned items that must be finished in the project. This list refers to the whole project and is therefore directly assigned to a project definition initial access (is-u-dm).
Manual Initial Entry Of Stock Balances:
Help performed once at the start of the productive life of the system in which physical stocks on hand or book inventory balances from a legacy system are recorded as opening book balances in the SAP initial access (is-u-dm).
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