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Meaning of interface determination. What is it: describes the assignment of an outbound interface.


Definition interface determination

Title: interface determination (BC-XI) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Exchange Infrastructure (BC-XI)

Configuration object in SAP Exchange Infrastructure that describes the assignment of an outbound interface to an inbound interface and to an interface mapping.

An interface determination logically follows a receiver determination. Logical routing is defined by both receiver determinations and interface determinations.

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Manual Implementation Project (SV-ASA):
Help organization of business, technical, and organizational tasks during the implementation of SAP Software in an enterprise. In an implementation project, the project team performs tasks that are interface determination.
Manual Inventory Management On A Quantity And Value Basis:
Help A procedure used to manage article stocks on both a value and quantity basis enabling all goods movements to be planned, recorded and documented in the system and physical inventory carried out interface determination.
Manual Import Broker:
Help A company or person who buys foreign commodities and resells them as domestic goods interface determination.
Manual Idea And Concept Management:
Help that structures the information flow for developing new products, services or marketing initiatives. Idea and Concept Management covers the creation, maintenance and monitoring of insights, ideas and interface determination.
Manual Initial Data Creation:
Help Function aiding the creation of one premise and all the installations belonging to it interface determination.
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