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Meaning of inventory location. What is it: business partner. This information is required by.


Definition inventory location

Title: inventory location (CRM-BF) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Basic Functions (CRM-BF)

Denotes the original tax location of goods shipped to the business partner. This information is required by certain countries for tax calculation purposes.

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Manual Individual Account (PA-PF):
Help accounts of persons insured with a pension fund are used for statistical purposes and for calculating pension fund benefits (technical accounting). Each individual account: Can be identified by its inventory location.
Manual Interest Calculation Method (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM):
Help determine the number of interest-rate relevant days over the term, and the calculation basis of a financial transaction. The interest calculation method is also the basis for the structure of the inventory location.
Manual Indicator For Retrospective Effectiveness:
Help The indicator that contains the result of the test for retrospective fair value effectiveness inventory location.
Manual Initiative (SRM-CM):
Help representing a number of tasks created to achieve defined program objectives for a category. More than one initiative can be created to meet the objective of one category allocation. Within an inventory location.
Manual Insured Object:
Help Relationship entity between the Object and Policy Product or Application business objects inventory location.
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