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Meaning of invoicing (IS-U-IN). What is it: and payable. It is used for the followng functions.


Definition invoicing (IS-U-IN)

Title: invoicing (IS-U-IN) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Invoicing (IS-U-IN)

Interface between billing and contract accounts receivable and payable.

It is used for the followng functions:

Posting to a customer account Creating the collective document for the general ledger Supplying information for statistics Printing the bill

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Manual IDoc:
Help for electronic data interchange between systems (Intermediate Document). Different message types (for example, delivery confirmations or purchase orders) normally represent the different specific invoicing (is-u-in).
Manual Item Type (FS-AM-IM-IT):
Help Type of payment item, for example, recipient item, ordering party item, clearing item or turnover item invoicing (is-u-in).
Manual Ingredient Type:
Help ingredient can be used. You can assign ingredients to different types in the master data. Example Ingredient of infusion solutions Ingredient of nutritional solutions Active agent, etc invoicing (is-u-in).
Manual Incoterms (SD):
Help international rules for the interpretation of the commonly used terms in international trade. An international commercial term (Incoterm) defines the terms of sale and the passing of risks for import invoicing (is-u-in).
Manual Instructional Element Editor:
Help Default editor in the Authoring Environment of the SAP Learning Solution for creating and editing instructional elements. The IEE creates HTML pages. Other file formats may be integrated with it invoicing (is-u-in).
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