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Meaning of issue (SV-ASA). What is it: situation that affects business and project goals and delays.


Definition issue (SV-ASA)

Title: issue (SV-ASA) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) (SV-ASA)
Explain ISSUE (SV-ASA):

In ASAP, an unplanned activity, project, or business situation that affects business and project goals and delays schedules.

An issue may result in changes to scope, budget, timeline, and resources. Issues are managed using Issues Management.

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Manual Internal License Number:
Help A number, in India, automatically assigned to a deemed export license by the system issue (sv-asa).
Manual Independent Data Reference:
Help an anonymous data object. The instancing of a data objects with CREATE DATA creates an independent data reference. Copies of an independent data reference that occur due to assignments between data issue (sv-asa).
Manual Index (AP-BE):
Help Metadata that represents a secondary index to a database table to be generated issue (sv-asa).
Manual Interface Component Selector:
Help Character ~. A component comp of an interface intf can be addressed in an implementation class or a compound interface using intf~comp issue (sv-asa).
Manual Issuer:
Help Authority that has issued or confirmed the concession eligibility issue (sv-asa).
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