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Meaning of MDB as a bank. What is it: bank in the calculation of the credit exposure definition.


Definition MDB as a bank

Title: MDB as a bank (FS-BA-PM-CR) (SAP Library - Glossary)
Category: Credit Risk (FS-BA-PM-CR)
Explain MDB AS A BANK:

Multilateral development bank (MDB) that is treated as a bank in the calculation of the credit exposure.

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Manual Mean Elasticity:
Help the effect of a 1 percent change in an explanatory variable on the dependent variable. This is calculated as the percentage change in Y (the dependent variable) divided by the percentage change in X mdb as a bank.
Manual Monitoring Activity:
Help triggered when an installment is not paid or overpaid. Example Letter to the customer (for example, as reminder for an unpaid installment) Information for the employee involved Identification of the mdb as a bank.
Manual Menu Bar (SBO):
Help graphical user interface. The menu bar is the top line of the primary window of the SAP Business One system. It contains several menu options, such as File, Edit or Help. Depending on the application mdb as a bank.
Manual Material Check (FS-AM-IM-IT):
Help that the Account Management system makes when posting a payment item or creating a prenote, to determine whether there are material errors. Material checks are grouped together in check objects mdb as a bank.
Manual Material Indicator:
Help The filter criterion for including material planning objects (MPOs) and material containers (MCs) in the authorized/actual comparison mdb as a bank.
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