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Meaning of problem window. What is it: during a PP-CBP planning run. The problems are grouped into.


Definition problem window

PROBLEM WINDOW title: problem window (PP) (SAP Library - Glossary)
PROBLEM WINDOW category: Production Planning and Control (PP)

A dialog box that shows unresolved problems that occur during a PP-CBP planning run.

The problems are grouped into two categories, capacity and materials.

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Manual Pool Layer:
Help A stock layer for a pool problem window definition.
Manual Periodic Unit Price:
Help changes periodically as a result of goods movements and invoice entries. The periodic unit price is calculated by dividing the value of the material by the quantity of that material in inventory. It problem window explain.
Manual Packing Instruction Number:
Help A number that refers to a packaging table or paragraph. Valid packaging codes are described in packaging tables and paragraphs problem window what is.
Manual Primary Document (FI-AA):
Help document that accompanies any type of business activity related to the movement of fixed or intangible assets. The law requires you to prepare primary documents in the official form or layout. These problem window meaning.
Manual Parallel Discontinuation:
Help of discontinuation in which a group of materials is replaced at the same time, each material by its own successor material. One material is defined as the main material to discontinue. When there is problem window abbreviation.
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