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Meaning of RFC. What is it: See Remote Function Call definition. What means Rfc explain in SAP.


Definition RFC

RFC title: RFC (BC-MID) (SAP Library - Glossary)
RFC category: Middleware (BC-MID)
RFC explained:

See Remote Function Call.

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Manual Rule Attribute:
Help An ARIS Toolset criteria used to selects or deselect a process or function rfc definition.
Manual Reserved Stock:
Help The sum of all quantities of a material reserved for withdrawal from stock rfc explain.
Manual Release Prerequisite:
Help has to be satisfied before a purchasing document can be released. Release prerequisites are used to define the sequence in which members of staff responsible for processing a certain internal or rfc what is.
Manual Reduction Factor (SCM-APO-ATP):
Help in interactive backorder processing. The previously-confirmed quantity can be multiplied and therefore reduced by the factor specified for selected requirements in interactive backorder processing rfc meaning.
Manual Risk Assessment (EHS):
Help determining, rating, and assessing risks and hazards in work areas. If a hazard is determined at a work area, depending on the urgency, preventive or corrective safety measures are taken immediately rfc abbreviation.
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