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Meaning of service layer. What is it: service model. The service layer has open standards and can.


Definition service layer

SERVICE LAYER title: service layer (SRD-CC-UIG) (SAP Library - Glossary)
SERVICE LAYER category: UI Gallery (SRD-CC-UIG)
SERVICE LAYER explained:

Provides business logic for a service based on a central service model.

The service layer has open standards and can be accessed from the following elements in order to use their respective business functions:

User interface Internal and external business processes Composite applications

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Manual Setup/Clean-Out Order:
Help production campaign that is used to prepare the line for production. In SAP APO, a setup order is at the beginning of a production campaign and a clean-out order is at the end. Setup/clean-out orders service layer definition.
Manual Section (PE-LSO):
Help Structural element used in a test. Sections occur in the test structure one level below the test node. Their purpose is to structure the test according to learning objective criteria service layer explain.
Manual Shell Service:
Help An SAP J2EE Engine module used for administration of SAP J2EE Engine from the command line service layer what is.
Manual Start-Finish Rule:
Help technique for determining the percentage of completion in progress analysis. When the start-finish rule is used in progress analysis, the percentage of completion (POC) increases from 0% to the service layer meaning.
Manual Stock Removal:
Help goods from storage bins in the warehouse. Unlike picking, this includes all goods movement by which you remove goods from storage bins (for example, for replenishment, or goods movement between service layer abbreviation.
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