term vesting rule help what is
Meaning of vesting rule (PA-CM). What is it: A rule that helps you determine how vesting is handled.


Definition vesting rule (PA-CM)

VESTING RULE (PA-CM) title: vesting rule (PA-CM) (SAP Library - Glossary)
VESTING RULE (PA-CM) category: Compensation Management (PA-CM)
VESTING RULE (PA-CM) explained:

A rule that helps you determine how vesting is handled according to your company policy.

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Manual Valuation Method (SBO):
Help The determination of how inventory value is to be calculated, for example, moving average price, FIFO ( first in, first out ), or LIFO ( last in, first out vesting rule (pa-cm) definition.
Manual Vendor Consignment Stock:
Help available by the vendor that is stored on the purchaser's premises but remains the vendor's property until withdrawn from stores for use or transferred to the purchaser's valuated vesting rule (pa-cm) explain.
Manual Value-At-Risk Weight:
Help Factor for each country for approximating the change in the country value at risk caused by a transaction. Here, the VaR% is usually derived for each country from the results of a portfolio model vesting rule (pa-cm) what is.
Manual Vacancy Assignment:
Help An assignment of an applicant to one or more vacancies in a company. Business object Applicant vacancy assignment (VACASSIGN) exists for this object vesting rule (pa-cm) meaning.
Manual Valuation Type (CRM-BTX-SVO):
Help pricing for a service. The valuation type is used to differentiate a general product master retained for a service with regard to its price. This can occur using absolute or percentage markups or vesting rule (pa-cm) abbreviation.
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