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Xxl List Viewer (Bc-Ci), Xxl, Xstep Value Assignment Symbol, Xstep Process Instruction, Xstep.

SAP terms and definitions X

  • Term Table X What it means attribute for the characteristic (for time-independent masterdata). This table contains the
  • Term Icc Window X What it means be exchanged between various X-Window clients within an OSF/Motif environment. The communication
  • Term Xbrl What it means standard for businesss reporting based on XML. XBRL is a format used to exchange information about
  • Term Xhtmlb What it means BSP extension delivered by SAP Extended library for HTMLB
  • Term Routing Xi What it means the recipient being known. XI performs purely message-based recipient determination
  • Term Administrator Xiep What it means configure the processes as well as instantiate processes. Configuring a process includes creating
  • Term Xml What it means Generalized Markup Language (SGML) for applications in the World Wide Web. XML documents consist of
  • Term Check Xml What it means to the parsing or validation of XML resources or schemas
  • Term Package Data Xml What it means applications. In particular, XDP provides the possibility to combine PDF and XFA form template
  • Term Configuration Device Xml What it means how the output gets generated
  • Term Analysis For Xml What it means applications and servers using HTTP and SOAP as a service on the Web. XML for analysis is not
  • Term Module Form Xml What it means render a form into Portable Document Format (PDF) or a Printer Description Language (PDL), using as
  • Term Architecture Forms Xml What it means definition of a paper or electronic form and the consumption of that definition, plus optional data
  • Term Builder Forms Xml What it means specif a data scheme (XML template) and create the form layout with direct manipulation techniques
  • Term Iview Xml What it means or customized XML transformers convert the XML format at runtime into a portal-based format
  • Term Wizard Iview Xml What it means source in an XML format in the portal. Specific XML transformers convert the input format into a
  • Term Replenishmentorderconfirmation Message Xml What it means Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI
  • Term Replenishmentordernotification Message Xml What it means Message type for replenishment orders sent via the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI
  • Term Interchange Metadata Xml What it means between UML-based modelling tools and MOF-based metadata repositories in distributed, heterogeneous
  • Term Language Path Xml What it means Language for addressing parts in an XML document
  • Term Object Schema Xml What it means XML schema file that has been added to a repository's XML schema table on the MDM Console
  • Term Xmlformatter What it means Formats log records as XML elements
  • Term Administrator Xpd What it means A role that makes configuration settings
  • Term Xrfc What it means XML format for the transmission of remote function calls (RFC). Formerly called RFC-XML
  • Term Xsf What it means XML for Smart Forms
  • Term Sheet Style Xsl What it means is used on XML documents. It specifies how document elements are transformed and formatted when
  • Term Transformation Xsl What it means the Repository are edited using the Transformation Editor and called with the CALL TRANSFORMATION
  • Term Xslt What it means the conversion of XML formats into other XML formats possible. The ABAP runtime environment
  • Term Program Mapping Xslt What it means Mapping program that is implemented in XSLT (EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
  • Term Component Xstep What it means process messages or scopes of generation, for example
  • Term Context Xstep What it means for example, whether an XStep should be valid for an entire order or certain phases
  • Term Editor Xstep What it means Environment in which XSteps, standard XSteps, and XStep process instructions are defined
  • Term Generation Xstep What it means XSteps, you can specify particular scopes of generation. For example, the For all materials scope
  • Term Parameter Xstep What it means and process instructions. Parameters act as a placeholder for the contents of XSteps, the
  • Term Instruction Process Xstep What it means based process instructions, you define XStep process instructions with the help of menu entries
  • Term XStep value assignment symbol What it means If a value is to be assigned automatically to an XStep parameter, you must specify a value
  • Term Xxl What it means spreadsheets from the R/3 System to PC applications. XXL consists of the following functional
  • Term XXL List Viewer (BC-CI) What it means application data. The XXL List Viewer presents R/3 data in Excel, taking into account information

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Xxl List Viewer (Bc-Ci), Xxl, Xstep Value Assignment Symbol, Xstep Process Instruction, Xstep Parameter, Xstep Generation, Xstep Editor, Xstep Context, Xstep

Xxl List Viewer (Bc-Ci), Xxl, Xstep Value Assignment Symbol