appl_log_write_message_params what is
Term appl_log_write_message_params. Definie parameters,in local memory. Otherwise the function.


Definition of appl_log_write_message_params

What does APPL_LOG_WRITE_MESSAGE_PARAMS: With this function module you write a single message, with parameters,in local memory. Otherwise the function module works like APPL_LOG_WRITE_SINGLE_MESSAGE

SAP appl_log_write_message_params help. Function module appl_log_write_message_params manual. Hot to use usage appl_log_write_message_params in prompt.

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Usage module you write a single message, without parameters,in local memory. If no header entry has yet been written for the objector sub-object, it is created. If you do not specify an object or sub definition.
Usage module, you create a new object or sub-object forwriting in local memory. With a flag you can control whether the APPL_LOG_WRITE_...messages are written in local memory or are output on the screen explain.
Usage With this function module you can analyze logs in local memory, e.g.when you have only collected log records at runtime and do not want towrite to the database what is.
Definition APPL_LOG_INIT:
Usage This function module checks whether the specified object or sub-objectexists and deletes all existing associated data in local memory meaning.
Usage module, you write the name of the log parametersand the associated values for the specified object or sub-object in localmemory. If this function module is called repeatedly for the same objector sub abbreviation.

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