changedocument_read_headers what is
Term changedocument_read_headers. Definie Get the change document header for a sales document, and.


Definition of changedocument_read_headers

What does CHANGEDOCUMENT_READ_HEADERS: Get the change document header for a sales document, and put the resultsin an internal table

SAP changedocument_read_headers help. Function module changedocument_read_headers manual. Hot to use usage changedocument_read_headers in prompt.

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Definition CONVERT_OTF:
Usage Convert SAP documents (SAPScript) to other types definition.
Definition CLPB_IMPORT:
Usage Import a Text Table from the Clipboard (on presentation server explain.
Usage converts any number into a string fill with zeroes, with the numberat the extreme right what is.
Usage sign from the left hand side of a number, to theright hand side of the number. Note that The result will be left justified(like all character fields), not right justifed as numbers normally are meaning.
Usage converts a OTF spool to PDF (i.e. Sapscript document abbreviation.

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