th_user_info what is
Term th_user_info. Definie Give information about the current user (sessions, workstation loggedin.


Definition of th_user_info

What does TH_USER_INFO: Give information about the current user (sessions, workstation loggedin from, etc)

SAP th_user_info help. Function module th_user_info manual. Hot to use usage th_user_info in prompt.

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Definition TH_POPUP:
Usage Display a popup system message on a specific users screen definition.
Usage files and subdirectories on the Presentation Server(PC) for a given directory.When a value other than * or *.* is used for the filter,you will not get any directories, unless they match your explain.
Definition TH_DELETE_USER:
Usage Logoff a user. Similar results to using SM04 what is.
Usage Get the UNIX environment meaning.
Usage Return the terminal id abbreviation.

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