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MEANING Enqueue_Esfunction, Eps_Get_Directory_Listing, Enque_Sleep, Eps_Get_File_Attributes.

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  • Module Eps_Get_File_Attributes Definition Pass in a filename and a path, and will return attributes for the file compare help ABAP
  • Module Enque_Sleep Explain Wait a specified period of time before continuing processing what does it mean help ABAP
  • Module Eps_Get_Directory_Listing What is return a list of filenames from a local or network drive how works help ABAP
  • Module Enqueue_Esfunction Meaning Lock an abap program so that it cannot be executed.Please note that you should not use SY-REPID to pass yourreport name to the function. The value of SY-REPID will change as it isbeing passed to the function module, and will no longer hold the value why help ABAP

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Describe MEANING Enqueue_Esfunction, Eps_Get_Directory_Listing, Enque_Sleep, Eps_Get_File_Attributes help.

Explain Help Enqueue_Esfunction, Eps_Get_Directory_Listing, Enque_Sleep tutorial.