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HOW TO Hr_Payroll_Periods_Get, Help_Start, Hr_Get_Leave_Data, Holiday_Get, Hr_Ie_Num_Prsi_Weeks.

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  • Module Holiday_Check_And_Get_Info Definition Useful for determining whether or not a date is a holiday. Give thefunction a date, and a holiday calendar, and you can determine if the dateis a holiday by checking the parameter HOLIDAY_FOUND compare help ABAP
  • Module Hr_Display_Basic_List Explain is an HR function, but can be used for any data. You pass it data,and column headers, and it provides a table control with the ability tomanipulate the data, and send it to Word or Excel. Also see the additionaldocumentation here what does it mean help ABAP
  • Module Hr_Time_Results_Get What is Get the time results for a payroll period. (provided by Francois Henrotte) how works help ABAP
  • Module Help_Values_Get_With_Table Meaning Show a list of possible values for F4 popup help on selection screens.This function module pops up a screen that is just like all the other F4helps, so it looks like the rest of the SAP system. Very useful for providingdropdowns on fields that do no why help ABAP
  • Module Hr_Ie_Num_Prsi_Weeks Abbreviation Return the number of weeks between two dates determines help ABAP
  • Module Holiday_Get How to Provides a table of all the holidays based upon a Factory Calendar&/ Holiday Calendar comparing to help ABAP
  • Module Hr_Get_Leave_Data Help Get all leave information (includes leave entitlement, used holidays/paidout holidays) depends on help ABAP
  • Module Help_Start Crossword Display help for a field. Useful for doing AT SELECTION SCREEN ON VALUEREQUEST for those fields that do not provide F4 help at the DDIC level which help ABAP
  • Module Hr_Payroll_Periods_Get Examples Get the payroll period for a particular date. (provided by FrancoisHenrotte) difference help ABAP

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