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Definition of compiler for testers: high order language into their machine language equivalents.


Definition compiler

What means COMPILER: A software tool that translates programs expressed in a high order language into their machine language equivalents

Definitions in QA testing such as compiler in Dictionary C.

Definition Capture/Replay Tool:
Usage execution tool where inputs are recorded during manual testing in order to generate automated test scripts that can be executed later (i.e. replayed). These tools are often used to support automated compiler.
Definition Charter:
Usage A statement of test objectives, and possibly test ideas about how to test. Test charters are used in exploratory testing compiler.
Definition Configuration Item:
Usage An aggregation of hardware, software or both, that is designated for configuration management and treated as a single entity in the configuration management process compiler.
Definition Condition Outcome:
Usage The evaluation of a condition to True or False compiler.
Definition Codependent Behavior:
Usage or psychological dependence on another person, specifically in trying to change that person’s current (undesirable) behavior while supporting them in continuing that behavior. For example, in compiler.
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