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Definition of deliverable for testers: Any (work) product that must be delivered to omeone other.


Definition deliverable

What means DELIVERABLE: Any (work) product that must be delivered to omeone other than the (work) product’s author

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Definition Definition-Use Pair:
Usage The association of the definition of a variable with the use of that variable. Variable uses include computational (e.g. multiplication) or to direct the execution of a path (“predicate” use deliverable.
Definition Data Flow Analysis:
Usage A form of static analysis based on the definition and usage of variables deliverable.
Definition Decision Condition Testing:
Usage A white box test design technique in which test cases are designed to execute condition outcomes and decision outcomes deliverable.
Definition Dynamic Analysis:
Usage The process of evaluating behavior, e.g. memory performance, CPU usage, of a system or component during execution deliverable.
Definition Debugger:
Usage programmers to reproduce failures, investigate the state of programs and find the corresponding defect. Debuggers enable programmers to execute programs step by step, to halt a program at any program deliverable.
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