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Definition of elementary comparison testing for testers: designed to execute combinations of inputs.


Definition elementary comparison testing

What means ELEMENTARY COMPARISON TESTING: A black box test design technique in which test cases are designed to execute combinations of inputs using the concept of condition determination coverage

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Definition Entry Point:
Usage An executable statement or process step which defines a point at which a given process is intended to begin elementary comparison testing.
Definition Exception Handling:
Usage Behavior of a component or system in response to erroneous input, from either a human user or from another component or system, or to an internal failure elementary comparison testing.
Definition EFQM (European Foundation For Quality Management) Excellence Mode:
Usage framework for an organisation's quality management system, defined and owned by the European Foundation for Quality Management, based on five 'Enabling' criteria (covering what an elementary comparison testing.
Definition Error Guessing:
Usage technique where the experience of the tester is used to anticipate what defects might be present in the component or system under test as a result of errors made, and to design tests specifically to elementary comparison testing.
Definition Evaluation:
Usage consisting of all lifecycle activities, both static and dynamic, concerned with planning, preparation and evaluation of software products and related work products to determine that they satisfy elementary comparison testing.
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