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Definition of evaluation for testers: static and dynamic, concerned with planning, preparation and.


Definition evaluation

What means EVALUATION: The process consisting of all lifecycle activities, both static and dynamic, concerned with planning, preparation and evaluation of software products and related work products to determine that they satisfy specified requirements, to demonstrate that they are fit for purpose and to detect defects. (testing)

Definitions in QA testing such as evaluation in Dictionary E.

Definition Error Tolerance:
Usage The ability of a system or component to continue normal operation despite the presence of erroneous inputs evaluation.
Definition Emotional Intelligence:
Usage The ability, capacity, and skill to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups evaluation.
Definition Equivalence Class:
Usage A portion of an input or output domain for which the behavior of a component or system is assumed to be the same, based on the specification evaluation.
Definition Exhaustive Testing:
Usage A test approach in which the test suite comprises all combinations of input values and preconditions evaluation.
Definition Expected Outcome:
Usage The behavior predicted by the specification, or another source, of the component or system under specified conditions. (expected result evaluation.
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