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Definition of logic-coverage testing for testers: the component or system. (white box testing.


Definition logic-coverage testing

What means LOGIC-COVERAGE TESTING: Testing based on an analysis of the internal structure of the component or system. (white box testing)

Definitions in QA testing such as logic-coverage testing in Dictionary L.

Definition Lead Assessor:
Usage The person who leads an assessment. In some cases, for instance CMMi and TMMi when formal assessments are conducted, the lead-assessor must be accredited and formally trained logic-coverage testing.
Definition Load Testing Tool:
Usage performance testing that usually has two main facilities: load generation and test transaction measurement. Load generation can simulate either multiple users or high volumes of input data. During logic-coverage testing.
Definition Level Test Plan:
Usage A test plan that typically addresses one test level. (test plan logic-coverage testing.
Definition Lifecycle Schemat:
Usage A partitioning of the life of a product or project into phases.(software lifecycle logic-coverage testing.
Definition Logical Test Case:
Usage concrete (implementation level) values for input data and expected results. Logical operators are used; instances of the actual values are not yet defined and/or available. (high level test case logic-coverage testing.
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