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Definition of off-the-shelf software for testers: i.e. for a large number of customers, and that is.


Definition off-the-shelf software

What means OFF-THE-SHELF SOFTWARE: A software product that is developed for the general market, i.e. for a large number of customers, and that is delivered to many customers in identical format

Definitions in QA testing such as off-the-shelf software in Dictionary O.

Definition Operational Environment:
Usage software products installed at users’ or customers’ sites where the component or system under test will be used. The software may include operating systems, database management systems, and other off-the-shelf software.
Definition Output Value:
Usage An instance of an output. (output off-the-shelf software.
Definition Operational Testing:
Usage Testing conducted to evaluate a component or system in its operational environment off-the-shelf software.
Definition Oracle:
Usage determine expected results to compare with the actual result of the software under test. An oracle may be the existing system (for a benchmark), other software, a user manual, or an individual’s off-the-shelf software.
Definition Output:
Usage A variable (whether stored within a component or outside) that is written by a component off-the-shelf software.
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