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Definition of operational testing for testers: Testing conducted to evaluate a component or system.


Definition operational testing

What means OPERATIONAL TESTING: Testing conducted to evaluate a component or system in its operational environment

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Definition Output Value:
Usage An instance of an output. (output operational testing.
Definition Output:
Usage A variable (whether stored within a component or outside) that is written by a component operational testing.
Definition Operational Acceptance Testing:
Usage in the acceptance test phase, typically performed in a (simulated) operational environment by operations and/or systems administration staff focusing on operational aspects, e.g. recoverability operational testing.
Definition Off-The-Shelf Software:
Usage A software product that is developed for the general market, i.e. for a large number of customers, and that is delivered to many customers in identical format operational testing.
Definition Operational Profile:
Usage of a distinct set of tasks performed by the component or system, possibly based on user behavior when interacting with the component or system, and their probabilities of occurrence. A task is operational testing.
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