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Definition of orthogonal array for testers: properties, such that choosing any two columns in the.


Definition orthogonal array

What means ORTHOGONAL ARRAY: A 2-dimensional array constructed with special mathematical properties, such that choosing any two columns in the array provides every pair combination of each number in the array

Definitions in QA testing such as orthogonal array in Dictionary O.

Definition Output Value:
Usage An instance of an output. (output orthogonal array.
Definition Orthogonal Array Testing:
Usage testing all-pair combination's of variables using orthogonal arrays. It significantly reduces the number of all combination's of variables to test all pair combination's. (pairwise orthogonal array.
Definition Output:
Usage A variable (whether stored within a component or outside) that is written by a component orthogonal array.
Definition Off-The-Shelf Software:
Usage A software product that is developed for the general market, i.e. for a large number of customers, and that is delivered to many customers in identical format orthogonal array.
Definition Operability:
Usage The capability of the software product to enable the user to operate and control it. (usability orthogonal array.
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