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Definition of output value for testers: An instance of an output. (output. Explain Value Output.


Definition output value

What means OUTPUT VALUE: An instance of an output. (output)

Definitions in QA testing such as output value in Dictionary O.

Definition Operational Environment:
Usage software products installed at users’ or customers’ sites where the component or system under test will be used. The software may include operating systems, database management systems, and other output value.
Definition Orthogonal Array:
Usage A 2-dimensional array constructed with special mathematical properties, such that choosing any two columns in the array provides every pair combination of each number in the array output value.
Definition Operational Profile Testing:
Usage Statistical testing using a model of system operations (short duration tasks) and their probability of typical use output value.
Definition Operational Testing:
Usage Testing conducted to evaluate a component or system in its operational environment output value.
Definition Orthogonal Array Testing:
Usage testing all-pair combination's of variables using orthogonal arrays. It significantly reduces the number of all combination's of variables to test all pair combination's. (pairwise output value.
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