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Definition of performance testing tool for testers: main facilities: load generation and test.


Definition performance testing tool

What means PERFORMANCE TESTING TOOL: A tool to support performance testing that usually has two main facilities: load generation and test transaction measurement. Load generation can simulate either multiple users or high volumes of input data. During execution, response time measurements are taken from selected transactions and these are logged. Performance testing tools normally provide reports based on test logs and graphs of load against response times

Definitions in QA testing such as performance testing tool in Dictionary P.

Definition Performance Testing:
Usage The process of testing to determine the performance of a software product. (efficiency testing performance testing tool.
Definition Product Risk:
Usage A risk directly related to the test object. (risk performance testing tool.
Definition Precondition:
Usage Environmental and state conditions that must be fulfilled before the component or system can be executed with a particular test or test procedure performance testing tool.
Definition Pair Testing:
Usage Two persons, e.g. two testers, a developer and a tester, or an end-user and a tester, working together to find defects. Typically, they share one computer and trade control of it while testing performance testing tool.
Definition Process Schemat:
Usage A framework wherein processes of the same nature are classified into a overall model, e.g. a test improvement model performance testing tool.
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