pointer what is
Definition of pointer for testers: item; for example, a data item that specifies the address of the.


Definition pointer

What means POINTER: A data item that specifies the location of another data item; for example, a data item that specifies the address of the next employee record to be processed

Definitions in QA testing such as pointer in Dictionary P.

Definition Path Sensitizing:
Usage Choosing a set of input values to force the execution of a given path pointer.
Definition Path Coverage:
Usage The percentage of paths that have been exercised by a test suite. 100% path coverage implies 100% LCSAJ coverage pointer.
Definition Problem Report:
Usage A document reporting on any flaw in a component or system that can cause the component or system to fail to perform its required function. (defect report pointer.
Definition Problem Management:
Usage The process of recognizing, investigating, taking action and disposing of defects. It involves recording defects, classifying them and identifying the impact. (defect management pointer.
Definition Peer Review:
Usage A review of a software work product by colleagues of the producer of the product for the purpose of identifying defects and improvements. Examples are inspection, technical review and walk through pointer.
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