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Definition of pretest for testers: component or system is ready for detailed and further testing.


Definition pretest

What means PRETEST: A special instance of a smoke test to decide if the component or system is ready for detailed and further testing. An intake test is typically carried out at the start of the test execution phase. (intake test)

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Definition Postcondition:
Usage Environmental and state conditions that must be fulfilled after the execution of a test or test procedure pretest.
Definition Product Risk:
Usage A risk directly related to the test object. (risk pretest.
Definition Partition Testing:
Usage design technique in which test cases are designed to execute representatives from equivalence partitions. In principle test cases are designed to cover each partition at least once. (equivalence pretest.
Definition Pair Programming:
Usage development approach whereby lines of code (production and/or test) of a component are written by two programmers sitting at a single computer. This implicitly means ongoing real-time code reviews pretest.
Definition Peer Review:
Usage A review of a software work product by colleagues of the producer of the product for the purpose of identifying defects and improvements. Examples are inspection, technical review and walk through pretest.
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