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Definition of pseudo-random for testers: A series which appears to be random but is in fact.


Definition pseudo-random

What means PSEUDO-RANDOM: A series which appears to be random but is in fact generated according to some prearranged sequence

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Definition Process Cycle Test:
Usage A black box test design technique in which test cases are designed to execute business procedures and processes. (procedure testing pseudo-random.
Definition Probe Effect:
Usage component or system by the measurement instrument when the component or system is being measured, e.g. by a performance testing tool or monitor. For example performance may be slightly worse when pseudo-random.
Definition Path Coverage:
Usage The percentage of paths that have been exercised by a test suite. 100% path coverage implies 100% LCSAJ coverage pseudo-random.
Definition Process Schemat:
Usage A framework wherein processes of the same nature are classified into a overall model, e.g. a test improvement model pseudo-random.
Definition Pass:
Usage A test is deemed to pass if its actual result matches its expected result pseudo-random.
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