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Definition of risk mitigation for testers: protective measures are implemented for reducing risks.


Definition risk mitigation

What means RISK MITIGATION: The process through which decisions are reached and protective measures are implemented for reducing risks to, or maintaining risks within, specified levels. (risk control)

Definitions in QA testing such as risk mitigation in Dictionary R.

Definition Regression Testing:
Usage previously tested program following modification to ensure that defects have not been introduced or uncovered in unchanged areas of the software, as a result of the changes made. It is performed when risk mitigation definition.
Definition Random Testing:
Usage design technique where test cases are selected, possibly using a pseudo-random generation algorithm, to match an operational profile. This technique can be used for testing non-functional attributes risk mitigation explain.
Definition Reliability Growth Schemat:
Usage A model that shows the growth in reliability over time during continuous testing of a component or system as a result of the removal of defects that result in reliability failures risk mitigation what is.
Definition Risk:
Usage A factor that could result in future negative consequences; usually expressed as impact and likelihood risk mitigation meaning.
Definition Robustness Testing:
Usage Testing to determine the robustness of the software product risk mitigation abbreviation.
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