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Definition of software lifecycle for testers: conceived and ends when the software is no longer.


Definition software lifecycle

What means SOFTWARE LIFECYCLE: The period of time that begins when a software product is conceived and ends when the software is no longer available for use. The software lifecycle typically includes a concept phase, requirements phase, design phase, implementation phase, test phase, installation and checkout phase, operation and maintenance phase, and sometimes, retirement phase. Note these phases may overlap or be performed iteratively

Definitions in QA testing such as software lifecycle in Dictionary S.

Definition Structural Coverage:
Usage Coverage measures based on the internal structure of a component or system software lifecycle.
Definition STEP:
Usage testing methodology, also used as a content-based model for improving the testing process. Systematic Test and Evaluation Process (STEP) does not require that improvements occur in a specific order software lifecycle.
Definition Subpath:
Usage A sequence of executable statements within a component software lifecycle.
Definition Software Test Incident:
Usage Any event occurring that requires investigation.(incident software lifecycle.
Definition Security Testing Tool:
Usage A tool that provides support for testing security characteristics and vulnerabilities software lifecycle.
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