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Definition of standards testing for testers: The process of testing to determine the compliance of.


Definition standards testing

What means STANDARDS TESTING: The process of testing to determine the compliance of the component or system. (compliance testing)

Definitions in QA testing such as standards testing in Dictionary S.

Definition Stability:
Usage The capability of the software product to avoid unexpected effects from modifications in the software. (maintainability standards testing.
Definition Software Lifecycle:
Usage that begins when a software product is conceived and ends when the software is no longer available for use. The software lifecycle typically includes a concept phase, requirements phase, design phase standards testing.
Definition Staged Representation:
Usage A model structure wherein attaining the goals of a set of process areas establishes a maturity level; each level builds a foundation for subsequent levels standards testing.
Definition Software Feature:
Usage An attribute of a component or system specified or implied by requirements documentation (for example reliability, usability or design constraints). ( feature standards testing.
Definition Software:
Usage Computer programs, procedures, and possibly associated documentation and data pertaining to the operation of a computer system standards testing.
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