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Definition of structured walkthrough for testers: order to gather information and to establish a.


Definition structured walkthrough

What means STRUCTURED WALKTHROUGH: A step-by-step presentation by the author of a document in order to gather information and to establish a common understanding of its content.(walkthrough)

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Definition Session-Based Testing:
Usage An approach to testing in which test activities are planned as uninterrupted sessions of test design and execution, often used in conjunction with exploratory testing structured walkthrough.
Definition SCRUM:
Usage An iterative incremental framework for managing projects commonly used with agile software development. (agile software development structured walkthrough.
Definition Specification:
Usage specifies, ideally in a complete, precise and verifiable manner, the requirements, design, behavior, or other characteristics of a component or system, and often the procedures for determining structured walkthrough.
Definition Static Testing:
Usage Testing of a component or system at specification or implementation level without execution of that software, e.g. reviews or static analysis structured walkthrough.
Definition Syntax Testing:
Usage A black box test design technique in which test cases are designed based upon the definition of the input domain and/or output domain structured walkthrough.
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