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Definition of test plan for testers: schedule of intended test activities. It identifies amongst.


Definition test plan

What means TEST PLAN: A document describing the scope, approach, resources and schedule of intended test activities. It identifies amongst others test items, the features to be tested, the testing tasks, who will do each task, degree of tester independence, the test environment, the test design techniques and entry and exit criteria to be used, and the rationale for their choice, and any risks requiring contingency planning. It is a record of the test planning process

Definitions in QA testing such as test plan in Dictionary T.

Definition Test Specification:
Usage A document that consists of a test design specification, test case specification and/or test procedure specification test plan.
Definition Test:
Usage A set of one or more test cases test plan.
Definition Test Process Improver:
Usage A person implementing improvements in the test process based on a test improvement plan test plan.
Definition Testware:
Usage during the test process required to plan, design, and execute tests, such as documentation, scripts, inputs, expected results, set-up and clear-up procedures, files, databases, environment, and any test plan.
Definition Test Suite:
Usage A set of several test cases for a component or system under test, where the post condition of one test is often used as the precondition for the next one test plan.
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