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Definition of tester for testers: A skilled professional who is involved in the testing of a.


Definition tester

What means TESTER: A skilled professional who is involved in the testing of a component or system

Definitions in QA testing such as tester in Dictionary T.

Definition Testable Requirements:
Usage The degree to which a requirement is stated in terms that permit establishment of test designs (and subsequently test cases) and execution of tests to determine whether the requirements have been met tester.
Definition Test Item:
Usage The individual element to be tested. There usually is one test object and many test items. (test object tester.
Definition Test Process Improver:
Usage A person implementing improvements in the test process based on a test improvement plan tester.
Definition Test Estimation:
Usage approximation of a result related to various aspects of testing (e.g. effort spent, completion date, costs involved, number of test cases, etc.) which is usable even if input data may be incomplete tester.
Definition Test Execution Schedule:
Usage A scheme for the execution of test procedures. The test procedures are included in the test execution schedule in their context and in the order in which they are to be executed tester.
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