verification what is
Definition of verification for testers: objective evidence that specified requirements have been.


Definition verification

What means VERIFICATION: Confirmation by examination and through provision of objective evidence that specified requirements have been fulfilled

Definitions in QA testing such as verification in Dictionary V.

Definition Volume Testing:
Usage Testing where the system is subjected to large volumes of data verification definition.
Definition V-Schemat:
Usage describe the software development lifecycle activities from requirements specification to maintenance. The V-model illustrates how testing activities can be integrated into each phase of the software verification explain.
Definition Vertical Traceability:
Usage The tracing of requirements through the layers of development documentation to components verification what is.
Definition Value-Based Quality:
Usage wherein quality is defined by price. A quality product or service is one that provides desired performance at an acceptable cost. Quality is determined by means of a decision process with verification meaning.
Definition Variable:
Usage An element of storage in a computer that is accessible by a software program by referring to it by a name verification abbreviation.
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