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Definition Personal Development Plan term. Meaning more than a year, which maps out individual.


Personal Development Plan definition

Explanation Personal Development Plan what is: PDP Personal Development Plan. A plan normally covering no more than a year, which maps out individual personal development goals. A personal development plan may also indicate how those goals are to be achieved and any achievement criteria. Personal Development Plans may also feed into an appraisal CPD.

Define Plug And Play / Pen And Paper:
Use PnP 1. Abbreviation for Plug and Play. 2. Abbreviation for Pen and Paper personal development plan definition.
Define Portable Executable:
Use PE Portable Executable. Typically Java (running on a Java Virtual Machine) or .NET (running on CLR personal development plan explain.
Define Postcode Address File:
Use Address File. A complete address database for addresses in the UK, containing UK addresses and postcodes. PAF is a licensed product from the Royal Mail.Relevant links: - For personal development plan what is.
Define Personal Identification Number / Performance Improvement Network / Prior Information Notice:
Use Identification Number. A general term used to refer to any number used to authenticate a person. For example a PIN number for bank withdrawals is used to authenticate the use of a cash-card, and the personal development plan meaning.
Define Programmed Input/Output:
Use PIO Programmed Input/Output personal development plan abbreviation.

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