simple authentication secure what is
Definition Simple Authentication Secure Layer term. Meaning authentication support to connection.


Simple Authentication Secure Layer definition

Explanation Simple Authentication Secure Layer what is: SASL Simple Authentication Secure Layer. SASL provides authentication support to connection-based protocols.SASL is defined in RFC 2222.

More IT definition for software & computers Simple Authentication Secure Layer in Glossary S.

Define Spatial Data Transfer Standard:
Use Transfer Standard. SDTS is a standard for the transfer of digital spatial data between (dissimilar) computer systems, with the potential for no information loss. Relevant links: simple authentication secure layer.
Define Switch Allowing A Single Keyboard, Monitor And Video To Connect To Manycomputers:
Use box allowing one monitor, keyboard and video to be switched between two or more separate computers thereby allowing two or more computers to be controlled from the same keyboard, video, monitor simple authentication secure layer.
Define She Who Must Be Obeyed:
Use Be Obeyed. The term originated from the novel "She" by H. Rider Haggard, where it was used to refer to the absolute female ruler. The term is normally used in jest to refer to a wife (or simple authentication secure layer.
Define Search Engine Optimisation:
Use Optimisation. The art of optimising a website so that it appears near the top of the list of results returned by search engines. The goal of SEO is to be top or at least in the top few search results simple authentication secure layer.
Define Small Form Factor:
Use Factor. Small Form Factor refers to a small sized case for a PC, much smaller than a standard ATX tower or mini/midi tower case. Whilst there does not appear to be a strict definition of what simple authentication secure layer.
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