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Definition Small Form Factor term. Meaning sized case for a PC, much smaller than a standard ATX.


Small Form Factor definition

Explanation Small Form Factor what is: SFF Small Form Factor. Small Form Factor refers to a small sized case for a PC, much smaller than a standard ATX tower or mini/midi tower case. Whilst there does not appear to be a strict definition of what constitutes a small form factor case, it would normally occupy a footprint not much larger than that of the motherboard it contains (which are often but not always standard ATX motherboards), but would be high enough to accommodate some expansion cards (normally no more than two), as well as power supply and disk drives. SFF has the advantage that it occupies much less space than a standard PC, but has the disadvantage that the lack of internal space means there are fewer upgrade options. Relevant links: www.sffcommittee.com - Small Form Factor (SFF) Committee home page

Define Simultaneous Send And Receive / Double Sided Printing:
Use communications channel allowing simultaneous data transfer when both sending and receiving data. cf simplex. 2. To print on both sides of a sheet of paper. Also referred to as double sided printing small form factor definition.
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Use HyperThreading Slightly abbreviated term for Hyper-Threading small form factor explain.
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Use SMS 1. Short Message Service - mobile phone text messaging. 2. (Microsoft) Systems Management Server.Relevant links: www.microsoft.com/smserver/default.mspx - Systems Management Server home page small form factor what is.
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